On World AIDS Day 2021 ; Dr.Achol: More than 119,000 people live with AIDS in South Sudan

Juba : Samir Bol
South Sudan Deputy Commissioner of HIV/AIDS Commission Dr Achol Ayom confirmed that the number of people living with HIV is more than 119,000, she confirmed that to the media during her participation in the African Statistics Day celebrations last week, she said the lack of statistics is a problem in South Sudan and Africa because the statistics is important for planning.
Dr Achol added that we must take data from pregnant women during their visits to hospitals in villages and various regions, because the statement that the rate of AIDS in south Sudan is 2.4% is incorrect, and the fact is that AIDS is on the increase in many areas such as Yirol and Bor, Because it is natural for young people to fall in love with each other, so if one of them is infected, he or she will certainly pass it on to the rest of the young people, and also AIDS is on the increase because health services do not reach many areas because of the war. Services do not reach the roots and most of the citizens of south Sudan They live in the countryside.
Dr Achol said that as a county putting your citizens’ health in the hands of the organizations is a big mistake because the organizations do not work in the field of prevention, and the government should support the prevention field through the support of the HIV/AIDS Commission in South Sudan .
Dr Achol reiterated that circumcision for men is very important in order to reduce the infection of the disease, because circumcision reduces the chance of infection by 60%, although some cultures in south Sudan, especially among the Dinka Bor , they see that circumcision is rejected, but circumcision is important, especially for young people, and this must be encouraged through the media.Dr Achol explained that the AIDS hub in Juba is in Sharekat area where men are attracted to the light skin women, and south Sudanese men always are attracted to women of light color, and this is what forces many girls to use skin-lightening creams.

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