National Bureau of Standard Train Private sector on Food Safety

Group Women posed for group photo at land Mark Hotel in Juba while holding locally produced food items (Photo: Dr. Kuorwel).

By Kei Emmanuel Duku.

South Sudan National Bureau of Standard concluded a two day’s workshop in land Mark Hotel organized for more than sixty women from different women groups who deals in food production. The objective of the Workshop is to train and assist the private sector mainly the local producers of food and other products to comply with the technical requirements. 

Speaking to Juba Monitor on the closing day of the Workshop, Kiden Evaline said they have gained a lot on the course of the workshop as far as food safety is concern because they used to operate in unhygienic environment  

“We from Mozzarella Women Group really learnt a lot from this workshop even last time Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) and South Sudan National Bureau Standard visited our women group and they taught us about food safety, personal hygiene and how to protect our products and today we are getting with the rest of our colleagues, All we are asking for such kind of workshops to continue” said Evaline 

Meanwhile Mary Harath Marjan representing Koru Kuwate Women Group said they use to produce their food items locally but with support from UNDO and individual contributions we were unable to have grading Machine for paste and Maize, now with this training for today we are taking a positive message for the rest of our women members in the market on COVID-19 because Corona still exist.

“First of all, I want to thank the organizers for this workshop because we are going to tell them to keep social distancing, wash hands and wear face mask and on the session of food safety as we have seen during the presentation by facilitator food items poured down or sold in dirty places, Now with this if I go to the market and sees any person selling in a dirty place I will tell him/her and if that person wants to fight me let him/her. Generally we didn’t know anything about food Safety before” She narrated.

However, Dr. Kuorwel Kuai Kuorwel. The Technical Advisor South Sudan National Bureau Standard (SSBNS) said the with support from Trade Mark East African South Sudan National bureau of Standard have acquired machines for testing internal conformity assessment if an item has been imported or exported in or out of South Sudan and it’s in the process of procuring of Post Chemical and Microbiological equipment for laboratories.

“Metrology is one of the important component in quality control both physical, industrial and legal metrology so now SSBNS has equipment to use both for Conformity assessment and Metrological testing in the country but having those machines is not enough but we need to train our man power for use of the those Machines and this this what Trade Mark East Africa is doing” Kuai said.

The Workshop was made possible with the Financial support from Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) under its project “Consultancy Service for Capacity Building for South Sudan National Bureau of Standard “(SSNBS). 

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