About one thousand house hold recieves food items in mangalla IDPs

By Jenifer James kur

The somaila community in South Sudan donates food and non food iteams to the IDPs in Managalla county.The donation come as a result of natural floods disaster in Jongiel and other parts of South Sudan. Addressing the gathering Hon.Jemme nunu the acting 

 Secretary General of SPLM  said, the donation  is targeting about 1000 house hold including women children and elders in Mangalla IDPs. “Addressing the floods issues in the country is the government responsibility, We will have done alot in the country if not because of conflict in the country” she is stated. The minister call on the people to stop fighting amonge each others because war bought distraction in the country.

“We will not wait for demarcation,  NGOs should dig the borehole urgently  because water is life for the people,  No peace no development she lamented.

She appeals to IDPs to continue living  in harmony with the people of Managalla,  being IDPs is not a comfortable place but bear because of the condition.

“SPLM is  Working hard to end the suffering of the people in the country” she concluded.  

Meanwhile Mohammad Abdella the chairperson of somail community in south Sudan said, the association is ready to support the victims of flooding in the country.

He calls on the people to have peaceful coexistence with the community of managalla for better South Sudan..

On her part Nyandeng makur the IDPs said, lack of borehole is the challenge to the IDPs in managalla county. She appeals to the wel wishers to  donates what they can to make lives easy.

Nyandeng highlight water shortages and lack of shelter as the major challenges, government should do something. 

However Abdullah Barag  the secretary general of Islamic council thanks the somaila community and assure their readiness to stand in solidarity with the victims of floods in South Sudan. 

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