Minister has no right to allocate land says State Government

Francis Luywala Yuda, the state Secretary and the Chairman of the committee formed to Survey Mangala IDP center, (photo :Kei Emmanuel)

By Kei Emmanuel Duku

The Central Equatorial State government has said the national ministry of Humanitarian affairs and Disaster Management has no right to allocate piece of land to flood affected victims from Bor. 

While addressing the  during the press conference in Juba yesterday,   the state secretary and the chairperson of the committee tasked to survey  Mangala Francis Luywala Yuda  said it was inappropriate for the minister to allocate land to the internally displaced Persons (IDP’S).

“The minister has declared place (Mangala) as IDP center, it’s not proper, the minister does not own the land. It’s the state the government that owns the land; the minister has no right to declare any place as a camp center” said Luywala.

However, Luywala said  that the state government is in the process of allocating land to more than 19,180 IDP’s who are affected by flood from Jonglei and help them re-settle in Mangala.

“There is a committee formed by the governor, and the committee has identified a piece of land South of Mangala to settle the flood victims but not the whole area of Mangala,

 So once we submit our report to the Governor, he will than continue with the management process of the IDP’s” he added.

Currently, there are more than nineteen thousand IDP’s who have settled in Mangala, but the number is expected to rise to around seven hundred thousand. 

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