24 SSPDF Soldiers sentenced to 14 Years in Jail over Human Right Abuse

By Kei Emmanuel Duku
A military High Court in Yei River County, Central Equatorial State has sentenced 24 South Sudan People’s Defense Force soldiers to 14 years in Prison. The 24 Soldiers were arrested and convicted rcommitting crimes such as sexual violence, looting, killing and selling fire arms between 2019 and 2020 in defunct Yei River State.
Addressing Journalists, The army Spokespersons Major-General Lul Ruai Koang, confirmed the sentencing of the soldiers.
“24 SSPDF soldiers of various ranks have been sentenced to 14 years in jailed for different crimes ranging from rape to looting and sale of personnel guns” Lul said.
He however, advised the army to respect civilians while on duty as government will prosecute anyone who is found guilty of committing a crime no matter how long it will take.
“The message we are sending to all SSPF personal is, you will only be free when you are not against the law, the minute you commit a crime you will be held accountable no matter how long it and for those of you who have not done any wrong thing against the government remain free” he added.
Those convicted incudes Sergeant Andria Aguer, Captain Joseph Luiz, Santino Garang Majok, James Mayuen, Corporal Daniel Anyaya, while Corporal Thuch Majok, was stripped to the rank of private, dismissed from SSPDF, fined SSP 500,000 and sentenced to 14 years in prison for rape was among the convicts.
The terms of the sentences range from two (2) to fourteen (14) years with highest been lieutenant to private. The verdict was passed out by Judge Capt. Joseph James, after two to four months of conclusive evidence brought against the officers.

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