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Contractor says collapse in part of Juba Stadium was a minor issue, says it won’t stop the construction work

Girma Chevroa, the project executing executive director of the Ethiopian owned GS Construction Company that is undertaking the construction of Juba Stadium has said the main reason for the collapse of the part of the main cabin of Juba stadium yesterday was due to collision of a crane. He said the crane broke it’s sum which in turn led to the collapse of cabin.

Girma said that the work is continuing after the accident, saying that the news circulating on social media of the stadium collapse is false. He added that the incident was a minor case.

Youth & Sports Minister Albino Bol had today called off the construction work at Juba Stadium and ordered investigation into the incident.

The minister stated that he will be consulting with Vice President for Youth and Gender Cluster Rebecca Nyandeng and Vice President for Infrastructure Cluster Taban Deng Gai.

According to Albino Bol, an evaluation team shall be formed with membership from concerned ministries.

The evaluation team together with FIFA engineer and state construction supervisor at the stadium will formally inspect the work being done by GS Construction Company.

The Engineers, technocrats and the government officials will evaluate and certain the reason as to why part of the VIP entrance collapsed.

According to the minister, if the evaluation finds a minor fault then the construction will resume within less than two weeks. But if it’s a structural defect, the government will have to suspend the entire project.

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