My name is Jean Sseninde. A footballer who really enjoys intelligent defending, love coaching the game

by Jean Sseninde


My name is Jean Sseninde. A footballer who really enjoys intelligent defending, love coaching the game. This year 2020 I was appointed on the CAF Women’s football committee and I must say its one of my happiest appointments in life. I’m also the Founder of the great Sseninde Women’s Development Cup which first started in Uganda in 2016, one of my greatest achievements. My aim is to see all women and girls around the world get opportunities to play football and have access to a good education. Am the CEO Sseninde Foundation, I want to leave the world a better place than I found it.UEFA B Licence with the English FA, Human Resource Management Degree with Arden University in UK, and dreams to be one of the world’s greatest football administrators in the world. I would like to became a General Secretary one day. I enjoy playing football, watching women’s football, athletics, and vaguely writing blogs on my website of exactly how I feel. I think I like Football Politics and want to explore more of what’s there just for the sake of knowing. I love the community, my stronger points are implementing policies and getting stuck in on any task I have at hand. A great Project manager and can pretty much organise the best Football competitions or any football event. Trust me when u give me a job to get it done. I strive to be the best ever. The day I die, I want to be remembered as one of the greatest women who are brave, who did everything to fight for others to get opportunities they deserve to affect the world into a better place. Am a strong negotiator so don’t be surprised if you end up doing something after me convincing you:). Integrity above all. I work to live not live to work. Happiness comes first over money.I love my Family so much. Their love and support is what kept me going, and my never give up attitude.Find more of me on my website; (Only judge my grammar if u think u were born in heaven! If not just read the raw me and get the picture of what I intend to mean more than judging me because, perfection doesn’t exit, haha)

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