“Greatest Music Of All Time”. by TOM

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Martin Fry, lead singer of ABC for my new video podcast series “Greatest Music Of All Time”. 

I have spent my free time over the past year interviewing close to 50 of the greatest living artists from such diverse genres as rock, soul, country, hip hop, house and more; travelling from London to Los Angeles, Paris to Philadelphia in the process. 

I am, and have always been a music obsessive, and like many of the stars featured in the series, this passion was kickstarted at a young age by the Beatles. There a special place in my heart for popular music, which I have studied for thousands of hours with near-academic precision, and this series is a great opportunity for other music fans to hear their favourite artists’ thoughts on all things musical and discover shared passions across genres and generations.

The series includes David Crosby, Chance the Rapper, Smokey Robinson and Sir Cliff Richard to name just a few, but I thought the interview with Martin Fry would be of particular interest to your readership. However, feel free to check out the entire series which is available to view right now here.

In this interview, Martin talks to me about following up ‘The Lexicon Of Love’  with its sequel 34 years later, why it was easy to catch a beating as a teenager in the 1970s, and having the opportunity to give Smokey Robinson a copy of ‘When Smokey Sings’ by hand after a chance meeting.

He told me why “blind stupidity can be a big part of success”, and an amusing anecdote about the notoriously opinionated Trevor Horn.

Martin was a pleasure to chat to, incredibly down to earth and clearly still very passionate about his craft.

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