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Exclusive interview with 2020 US presidential election candidate Broke Pierce exclusively spoke to Brock Pierce, 2020 US presidential elections candidate on various topics including technology, cryptocurrencies, Covid-19 among others. During the interview, the cryptocurrency-friendly candidate highlighted the importance of US top leadership putting more focus on emerging technologies like blockchain.

Enacting blockchain-friendly policies

He pointed out the importance of blockchain in enhancing the elusive financial inclusivity. Pierce stressed on the benefits of understanding such technologies and enacting relevant policies. 

The former actor elaborated on his plan on implementing the blockchain technology if elected to office during the November election. Pierce states that it is vital to leverage the already existing local use of blockchain and give it a national approach.

Pierce acknowledges that the United States has uncertainty when it comes to cryptocurrency regulation and the price is already being paid. The presidential contender stated that unclear regulations have seen the US lose innovators in the digital asset sector to regions like Europe and Asia.

During the interview, Pierce said that the US is a hub of innovators historically and the environment should be made conducive for new ideas to emerge, and having regulatory certainty will play a key role.

Regarding the racial injustices in the United States, Pierce affirms that it is time to do something for equality. According to Pierce:

“Black lives matter. We have a problem in this country of inequality and injustice, and we need real reform. We need to shine a light and bring these issues to the forefront so that we can actually do something about it. This is not the first time something has happened like what happened with George Floyd. This has been happening and happening and happening. We need to do something about it. We need to do something about it now.”

With the United States grappling with high Coronavirus infections and the resulting impact, Pierce gave his insights around the topic. He noted that the current administration’s reactive approach to the health crisis is wrong. In his view, there is a need for a more proactive approach by holding conversations on current fears of the people. He acknowledges that the pandemic has led to an economic mystery among many Americans but enough should be done to address the mental health effect of the pandemic.

With the US sinking in debt, Pierce gave a glimpse of his plan that can secure the situation before its late.  He stated in the wake of the Covid-19 stimulus packages, small businesses should have received more money. Pierce feels that big businesses received a lot of money from the government yet they should be in a position to anticipate such situations and be ready.

He warned if the situation is not contained soon, the debt crisis might have serious consequences on the US. For example, the debt might erode confidence in the the dollar and ability to issue treasury bonds.

Furthermore, he affirmed that based on existing evidence, it is time to legalize cannabis in the United States. Pierce talked about what lessons the federal government can learn from states like Colorado legalization.

Finally, Pierce expressed his support for the Universal basic Income considering that there exist systems to handle the ever-changing environment.

The full video interview with the transcript can be found here:

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