Excerpts from Local Government in South Sudan South Sudan Districts after Independent 1956 – 1958

The historic 1956 – 1958 local government Districts and their Inspectors (DCs):
The purpose of writing this brief historical article is to draw attention of many people who are interested in documentations in the field of local government, and politicians who may be willing to support their arguments in many ways, especially in matters to do with reallocation of states.
The total number of historical Districts are (21) Districts as from 1956 as the following;

  1. Upper Nile Province:
    Province HQs, Malakal:
    • Province Commissioner / Khalil Mohamed Sabir
    • Deputy commissioner/ Osman Jad Alrab
    Provincial Districts (9):
  2. Malakal & ( Sobat Rural Council):
  3. Inspector/ Abubaker Albashier Alwagie
  4. Deputy inspector/Paul Achier
  5. Mamour/ Aggrey Jaden
  6. Kodok District:
  7. Inspector/ Al Naziir Hamid Suraj
  8. Northern Upper Nile District:
  9. Inspector /Mohammed Saleh Abdel Latif
  10. mamour / Omer Haj Yusif
  11. Eastern Nuer District (Naser):
  12. Inspector / Alhaj Abu Shara
  13. deputy inspector/ John Wujal
  14. Pibor District:
  15. Inspector / Karar Ahmed Karar
  16. Lou Nuer District ( Akobo)
  17. Inspector / Khalid Hamed Almale
  18. Western Nuer District (Bantiu)
  19. Inspector/ Babiker Hamza
  20. Deputy Inspector / Gordon Boly
  21. Central Nuer District (Fangak)
    1.Inspector / Hassen Dafaa Allah
  22. Bor District:
  23. Inspector / Mohammed Albashier Alwagie
  24. Bahr El Gazal Province:
    Province HQs, Wau:
    • Commissioner/Alam Hassen Alam
    • Deputy Commissioner/ Gafar Hassen Abdel Nur
    • Local Government Inspector (HQs) / Mustafa Maged el Din
    Provincial Districts (6):
  25. Jur River District (Tonj):
  26. A/Inspector/ Salah ElDin Gorashi
  27. Gordon Bale
  28. Gogrial District:
  29. Inspector/ Tito Adibo
  30. Western District (Wau):
  31. Inspector / Jerfas Yak
  32. Hassen Shazeli Aldowi
  33. Raja District:
  34. Inspector / Hassen Elamin Elbashier
  35. Aweil District:
  36. Inspector / Mahgub Babiker Karam Allah
  37. Lakes District:
  38. Inspector/ Alteib Eltahir
  39. A/Inspector / Saad Ahmed Zaki – for Rumbek rural
  40. A/Inspector/ Andrew Wieu Riak – fro Yerol Rural
  41. Equatoria Province:
    Province HQs, Juba
    • Province Commissioner/ Ali Mohammed Baldo
    • Deputy Commissioner/ Hassen Ibrahim Green
    • Local Government Inspector HQs/ Abel Rahim Musaad
    Provincial Districts (6)
  42. Kapoeta District:
  43. Inspector/ Yusuf Mohammed Saad
  44. A/Inspector/ Philip Yasu
    2.Torit District:
  45. Inspector / Mirgani Abedl Nur
  46. A/Inspector/Mustafa Mohammed Yusuf
  47. Juba District:
  48. Inspector/ Clement Umboro
  49. A/Inspector / Amir Omer El tinai
  50. Yei District:
  51. Inspector/Yusuf Hussein EL Mufti
  52. A/Inspector/ Gaffer Mohammed Ali Bakhit
  53. Maridi District:
  54. Inspector/ Mohammed Abbas Fagiri
  55. A/Inspector/ Johgn Garang Warabek
  56. Yambio District ( Azandi)
  57. Inspector / Barnaba Toro Kasinga
  58. A/ Inspector/ Magzub Abu Yeea Abdel Magid
  59. A/Inspector / Abdu Ahmed Gaber
  60. Mamur/ Ahmed Haseen Ayush
    In all the 3 Provinces, the Commissioners & the district inspectors were all from Arab nationalities with exception of few inspectors & assistants from South Sudan. Later on in the political history of The Sudan, some of these prominent veteran administrators became known, and assumed important positions in the national government and political arena as the following;
  61. Gafar Mohammed Ali Bakhit who was A/Inspector in Yei District, became the architect of the first ( Peoples Local Government Act 1971) and Minister of Local Government after independent during president Nimeri regime.
  62. Mohammed Abbas Fagir who was Inspector in Maridi District became a great politician in Sudan
  63. Aggry Jaden, who was a Mamour in Malakal District, became one of the founders of Anyanya 1 Liberation Movement in South Sudan.
  64. Clement Umboro who was Inspector in Juba District, became one of the first South Sudanese to become a minister in Sudan.
  65. Jerfas Yak who was Inspector in Western District (Wau) became the first Southern Sudanese Commissioner of Khartoum Province
  66. Andrew Wieu Riak who was A/Inspector in Yerol Rural Council in Lakes District, became one of the founders of SANU party with William Deng Nhial, and assumed many political ministerial positions in Sudan and South Sudan.
    Supplementary Note:
    During this period of 1956 -1958, The Republic of Sudan was divided into 9 provinces as the following;
  67. Bahr El Gazal Province 2. Blue Nile Province 3. Dar Fur Province 4. Equatoria Province 5.Kassala Province 6. Khartoum Province 7. Kordofan Province 8. Northern Province 9. Upper Nile Province.

James D. Chuang Deng
The author is a senior local government officer & D/G in the National Ministry of Federal Affairs, Juba. He can be reached at the under mentioned contact addresses
+211925539144 د+211916697879

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