For Power of Word by William Sunday D Tor Not in defense of Juba University students, but……?

Juba University is the first public university established in South Sudan after the Addis Ababa peace agreement which was signed in 1972.
This university has achieved its goal, this among others, it has been graduating thousands of graduates and graduates, and the fruits of this university are the current university lecturers, teachers, Engineers, Medical doctors, political and military leaders, Christians and Muslims scholars. Just to mention but few of them. In addition to that, the fruits of Juba University are the liberators who led the liberation war, who fought for freedom, justice and equality.
After the establishment of the University of Juba and when the secondary schools’ leavers began to be increase in number, the South Sudanese national leaders within the Sudanese government thought during the war of liberation, such as General George Kongor Arop, former Vice President of the Republic of Sudan, president of the African National Congress Party, Prof. Moses Machar and others thought about the establishment of additional universities for teaching South Sudanese.
So, they founded Bahr al-Ghazal University and Upper Nile University, and supported thousands of South Sudanese students in Sudanese universities, with studies fees from the Presidency of the Sudan, and the fruits of their support are thousands of graduates and graduates who are serving the people of South Sudan now in Different areas.
Leaders such as General George Kongor and Prof. Moses Machar and others who were inside Sudan during the war of liberation deserve recognition and respect because in their own way, they were leading the higher education revolution from within, knowing that South Sudan would be in need of cadres in different fields to provide the necessary services to the people of South Sudan.
Importantly, we have read news in various media, including social media, about the events of Juba University as well as a press release from the university administration in which where they clarified what has happened at the university during the exams.
I really appreciate the roles and the efforts of the university administration, under the management of Dr. John Akec who changed the view of the university to appear in the desired view. Dr. John Akec has been able to improve and conditions of the public universities staffs, where he worked to increase the salaries of the employees of these universities and is now working to improve the capacity of lecturers in the field of teaching so that they can give lectures as required.
But the problem that may hinder higher education is the issue of tuition fees. The university administration has stated that university education is not free, and that anyone who wants to learn has to pay the required tuition fees. This is the right of the university administration. But it is the duty of the state to provide educational services to the young people. In fact, these students who are deprived to sit for exams are orphans whose parents were martyred in order to liberate this country.
Indeed, these students who are deprived of examinations are the sons and daughters of the army, police and other regular forces, whose monthly wage does not reach 10 U.S. dollars and which are not paid until some months later. These students who have been prevented from taking exams are the sons and daughters of displaced persons and refugees who have taken refuge in refugee camps inside and outside the country. Where do their parents find money to educate their children?
In reality, it is the duty of the state to provide educational services to the people and it is the right of the children of the weak and the poor to learn, because the state produces oil and imposes taxes, so we reject the saying, which says that some students want free education, because the people pay taxes. Moreover, all public workers are taxed on monthly bases., and these taxes taxed for the provision of services such as public education, health and security.
In fact, the current differences between the University administration and the students is the result of non-implementation of the Presidential order who canceled the new highly tuition fees, which were imposed on students.
Finally, I appeal to the office of President to intervene to address the issue of studies fees, for these students who are prevented not to sit for exams, they are the sons of martyrs and wounded of the liberation war and the sons and daughters of government workers who are poorly and lately paid.
May God bless our beloved country

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