2019-nCoV SITUATION REPORT – #1 Date / Time: 05/February/2020 1:30 PM

Incident Title or Name:
Suspected Case of 2019-nCov in Juba
Information Source:
Through Phone call by MoH undersecretary to PHEOC Manager at 10:00 AM
Include Who, What, When, Where, and Why. The event involves a Chinese citizen who developed a fever on 04th Feb, 2020 at night in Juba city. This morning (5Feb 2020), the patient was taken to Juba teaching hospital, where he was suspected to have the 2019-nCov infection. After consulting with PHEOC, that patient was moved to Infectious Disease Unit (IDU) for epidemiological, laboratory, and clinical evaluation.

Epidemiological brief: The event involves a 38 year old male, Chinese by nationality and Engineer by profession. He returned to South Sudan on 23 Jan 2020 and has been in good health until last night when he developed fever; sore throat; general body weakness, headache, and conjunctival injection. Temperature was 37.6degCentigrade. While in China, he reported no history of exposure to a suspect or confirmed nCoV case, he never visited any hospital; and did not travel, work, or stay in the same room with a suspect or confirmed case of nCoV.
Include actions taken and/or not taken, next steps, notifications, health and safety actions, follow-up requirements, etc. • Patient has been isolated in Infectious Disease Unit (IDU) for further management and follow up:
o The patient has been started on antimalarials.
o Cetirizine has been prescribed for symptomatic management of allergy and sore throat
o Paracetamol has been prescribed to manage fever
o He is taking oral fluids and feeding
o Health education has been given to the patient and the contacts
• RRT activated and dispatched to Infectious Disease Unit (IDU) for further investigation at 11:10 AM
o The case investigation form has been completed to capture the epidemiological information
o The contact listing form has been populated and the team is now deployed to Beijing hotel to list additional contacts
o The samples (nasopharyngeal swab and blood) have been collected and prepackaged ready for shipment to UVRI for testing
o UVRI has been informed and alerted and is on standby to receive and test the samples.
• The PHEOC has moved from watch to alert mode to monitor the ongoing situation and plans are underway to finalize the incident action plan.
• The IMS meetings are ongoing in the PHEOC to monitor the implementation of the 2019-nCoV preparedness activities.
Information Controls:
Included when and who to distribute. – MoH Senior Management [Minister; Undersecretary; DGs)

  • The 2019-nCoV distribution list; EP&R list; EVD distribution list

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