Oliver Batali Albino ( 11/11/1935 – 04/01/2020)

Politician Oliver Batali Albino was born on 11 November in Yei , Equatoria . He went to Rumbek Secondary School in 1952 , and in 1956 he was accepted at the University of Khartoum . At the university he was politically active in the Students ‘ Welfare Front ( SWF ) , and as the editor of the Negro wallpaper , he was the group ‘ s mouthpiece . He also edited the Observer as his own private paper . He graduated in 1961 and was retained as an assistant researcher , however he left the university when it failed to provide him with the scholarship to complete his postgraduate studies abroad . In 1962 he joined the Blue Nile Cigarette Company , a subsidiary of the British American Tobacco Company ( BATC ) , in Yei . In January 1963 he was arrested without charges and was allegedly accused of being an Anya nya supporter . When he went on hunger strike demanding to be charged , the local authorities released him on bail . He then escaped to Congo to join the struggle in the bush . He remained for three months in Congo before he returned to the bush . In the Anya nya movement , Oliver Albino emerged as one of the prominent politicians . He was elected a member of the SANU ‘ s Executive Committee responsible for Information in November 1964 . It was in this capacity that he flew to Khartoum in March 1965 from Kampala , Uganda , as a delegate to the SANU ( in exile ) with Aggrey Jaden to participate in the RTC , which was held in Khartoum from 16 – 25 March 1965 1049 to attempt to solve the problem of Southern Sudan . He was left behind with two other colleagues as members of the twelve – man committee to draft the resolutions of the conference . Sadiq al Mahdi objected to the participation of exiled SANU representatives because they were outlaws . Albino returned to exile , where he was reunited with the struggle . Oliver Batali Albino , the SANU secretary for information , initiated diplomatic contact with the Israelis in Nairobi , Kenya , in 1965 . 1050 He then introduced Col Joseph Lagu , the secretary for special functions , to Gen Moshe Dayen of the Israeli Defence Force ( IDF ) and made a request for military assistance . Oliver Batali Albino soon receded politically . He went to Kenya and started teaching . He was inactive and had no any sway over the affairs of the movement . Gen Joseph Lagu , the leader of the SSLM , invited him to participate in the Addis Ababa peace talks . In 1972 he was selected by General Joseph Lagu , the leader of the SSLM , as a member in the movement ‘ s delegation that went to Addis Ababa for North – South peace talks . He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was posted in the Sudanese embassy in Nairobi , Kenya , as a counsellor in 1972 . He abandoned diplomatic service and represented graduates in the Second Regional Assembly , Juba , in 1973 . Abel Alier brought him into the HEC as minister for housing and public utilities in July 1975 . He was appointed cabinet minister for labour in the aftermath of the April 1985 Uprising . However , he was dismissed

May his soul Rest In Peace.

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