Poet Ahmed Haddad celebrates 15 years of poetry and music evenings

Poet Ahmed Haddad celebrates 15 years of poetry and music evenings on Tuesday 26th November 2019, atSakkia, 7:30 pm.

Under the title “Awdon Ahmed” (A good comeback ) poet and director Ahmed Haddad celebrates 15 years since he took the stage with his poetry and music evenings at Sakkia cultural wheel, on  the same date, 15 years ago, under the title “Mantahash”(It didn’t end)

The poetry and music event shall highlight a handful of poems and songs that mark years of his work, through the enchanting voices of singers Dalia El-Gendi and Fatma Adel, both members of Haddad’s “Retro Band” created in 2017.

Born in 1984, this talented young poet published his first vernacular book of poetry at the age of 15. El-Ward Elli Beyetlaa (The flowers that bloom) was the first of six published compilation of poetry books:

Being a graduate of the high cinema institute, script writing section (Class-2006), had a big impact on how Ahmed Haddad created, wrote the script as well as directed his poetry performance. It gave Haddad’s poetry performances a highly dramatic sense, where poetry is recited in a modern way and is interwoven with songs that he wrote, creating a ‘musical’ script that leans very much towards the operetta form.

This form of his attracted many young audience to his performance and reintroduced the concept of poetry evening to the younger generations. In addition to his performances in Egypt he recited his poetry at the Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris 2010, as well as in the United Kingdom 2012-2013. In 2017, Ahmed Haddad created his own band, named Retro, singing black and white movie songs and all time favorite classics in addition to his own lyrics

Since 2004, Ahmed Haddad’s name has been affiliated with popular independent Egyptian music troupes such as Fayrouz Karawya’s band, Eskenderella band, Wust El-Balad Band as well as for main stream artists such as HYPERLINK “”YehiaHYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “”Ghanam, Ali El-Haggar, Ahmed El-Haggar and many more. Haddad also wrote the lyrics of awarded independent documentaries such as Makan Esmo Al-Watan (A place called Home) (Directed by Tamer Ezzat 2006

Ahmed Haddad also wrote and directed several independent movies, in which his poetry  and lyrics are quite vivid and outstanding

 links to his exceptional poetry evenings and Retro Band Performance

1-      Nesmet Seif Summer Breathe (2010)

2-      Shams el  HYPERLINK “”sheta HYPERLINK “”  HYPERLINK “”Winter Sun  (2011)

3-      Kan Ya ma Kan Once Upon A Time (2009)

4-       Matakharnash  We weren’t late  (2017)

5-      Azizi Foulan  Dear Anonymous (2016 )

6-      Mazag Seyadti (My Mood) upcoming September 30 2018 with the launch of his latest book of poetry of the same name.

Poetry books :

El-Ward Elli Beyetlaa The flowers that bloom ( El Markaz El Masry Al Arabi, 2000)

Habet Torab A grain of sand (Merit publishing house, 2007)

Dolab El Hodom The closet (Merit publishing house, 2008)

Beshweish Softly  (El- Ein publishing house, 2011)was awarded the best compilation of vernacular book of poetry of the year 2012

Azizi Foulan Dear anonymous (El-Shororuk publishing house, 2013)

Betloa El-Roh  with the last breath (Ibn Rushd publishing house, 2017)

Mazag Seiadi   My Mood  (El-Shorouk publishing house 2018)


Kol el banat betheb el chocolate All girls love chocolate 2008

Remote Control 2011

Alexandria 2012  Was screened at Alexandria Film Festival same year

The wife of Mr.  HYPERLINK “”Naguib 2016

Sebertaya Spirit burner 2013

Mashahed Aflam Movie Scenes 2017  was short listed at Alexandria Film Festival same year

For more, please visit Haddad’s  you tube channel of ahmed haddad :

Amira El-Noshokaty
Founding Editor Folk-Culture section 
– Ahram Online
Deputy managing editor-Al- Ahram Weekly
Founding Editor of Heritage section at Welad El-BaladProfessor of Creative Writing at Cairo University, Mass communication Department, English Section 

سلم لى ع الحكايات من الجدات و ع البراويز
سلم لى على ساعة العصارى وضحكة العواجيز
سلم لى على مكنة خياطة قديمة فى لاظوغلى
سلم لى على طبقين كريم كراميل طعمه لذيذ
جزء من قصيدة فى الغربة- أحمد حداد

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