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Religious Youth Peace Camp to Spread a Culture of Peace in Burundi

On July 20th, the HWPL Religious Youth Peace Camp was held at Reoboth Middle and High School in Burundi Bujumbura in attendance with about 50 students and religious leaders. This camp was organized by an international peace NGO called Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) and its affiliated youth organization, International Peace Youth Group (IPYG).

With the topics of religious conflict management and resolution, coexistence between diverse religious or ethnic groups, and the importance of peace education, various activities such as seminars, discussions, and writing peace letters were carried out. Following the lectures of religious leaders on the history of religious conflicts, the participating students gathered to write peace letters that urge not to repeat the history of war again but to make a new leap forward to collective peace building.

Students listening to speech

The “Peace Letter Campaign” promoted by the IPYG is aimed to provoke the heads of states to cooperate to build a legally binding framework applicable at the international level for sustainable peace. The IPYG expects to promote Burundi’s aspirations in developing a culture of peace by cooperating with the civil society as well as government.

Participants of HWPL Religious Youth Peace Camp

Nduwindavyi Aloys, the pastor of Eglise de la Freternité Chretienne, said, ”It was impressive to organize such interfaith event in cooperation with many people to achieve peace. Working together for peace is the most important thing. Peace education is important because young people in particular will learn more about peaceful. Almost people in Burundi, when we say peace, they understand only absence of draws of guns. So, through peace education, they will learn what cause unsecurity of person.”

Pastor Nduwindavyi Aloys is proceeding the camp

*Picture offered from NAWE in Burundi

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