Opening Remarks By Maj. Gen. Desta Abiche Ageno Chairman, CTSAMVM At The 8th CTSAMVM Board Meeting Juba, 11 July, 2019

General Officers,
Distinguished delegates,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Good morning and welcome to the 8th CTSAMVM Board
Once again, I want to thank the Party representatives and
Board members for their attendance. I also want to thank the
NPTC for their agreement to pay for the costs of travel and
accommodation for Board members travelling to Juba.
Much has happened since our last Board meeting, and I am
pleased to report that the Parties continue to take clear steps
forward in implementing the tasks of Chapter II of the Peace
I updated both the R-JMEC Plenary on 18 June and the IGAD
Council of Ministers on 19 June on CTSAMVM’s work. As
you are aware, AJMCC and JMCT training took place here in
Juba from 10 to 14 June, the JTSC Training Centre
Assessment Committee deployed from 30 June, and the JDB
met on 5 July. CTSAMVM very much welcomes the work of
the security mechanisms as we move together towards peace
for South Sudan.
CTSAMVM conducted a joint field visit to Pibor on 28 June
and were encouraged to see that the proposed cantonment site
in Teneth currently houses forces from SSOA and SPLM/A-
CTSAMVM also held a very successful Sexual and Gender
Based Violence workshop for our MVT Team Leaders and
CTC members just before our 12th CTC meeting which took
place here in Juba last week.
The ceasefire continues to hold throughout most of the
country with no reported incidents of violence between the
Parties. CTSAMVM continues to monitor the overall security
situation and reports of tension in order to encourage early
mediation to prevent escalation.
We are now seeing much improvement in our coordination
and cooperation with the JMCC who are leading in
conducting assessments of the cantonment sites and
developing cantonment policy. CTSAMVM and the JMCC
have conducted a number of joint missions and will continue
to do so throughout this critical period.
CTSAMVM has observed that there is progress on
cantonment, although it is slow. CTSAMVM continues to
monitor and verify those cantonment and barrack sites
identified by the JDB. To date, we have verified 27 of the 35
CTSAMVM has also observed numerous logistical challenges
in requests to support the provision of food, water, medicine
and shelter from those troops who are already cantoned and
those who are supposed to be cantoned.
Verification of cantonment is a priority for CTSAMVM
during this Extended Pre-Transitional Period. Cantonment is
the very basis for the implementation of the Security
Arrangements, allowing other activities such as registration,
screening for eligibility for future service, and DDR, to take
place. Without cantonment, the Peace Agreement cannot be
implemented and we must maintain the momentum towards
CTSAMVM has much improved coordination and
cooperation with the JTSC who have provided us with an
agreed list of 16 training centres to be assessed and verified
before the training of necessary unified forces can begin.
CTSAMVM will continue to work closely with and support
the JTSC and other security mechanisms with monitoring and
I am pleased to report that we have experienced a steady
improvement in the reduction of denials of access since our
last Board meeting, and I give credit to the Parties’ chains of command in enforcing this important element from the Peace
Agreement. We very much appreciate the efforts of all the
Parties to continue to ensure us access during this critical
Extended Pre-Transitional period. I also urge the SSPDF
leadership to solve the issues with 3rd Division to allow
access for force verification.
I again remind all Parties of their commitment to vacate
civilian buildings by June 15. That date has now passed and
still we observe that 45 civilian buildings are still occupied.
Moving forward, CTSAMVM will consider the continuing
occupation of civilian buildings as a violation of Chapter II of
the R-ARCSS.
At the CTC meeting last week, cantonment and the vacation
of civilian facilities were discussed, among other issues. The
CTC urges the NPTC to provide resources for cantonment,
and that Parties occupy cantonment sites and barracks as a
matter of urgency. Regarding the vacation of buildings, the
CTC urges the forces to fully comply with the agreement,
vacate civilian buildings and have zero occupation of civilian
facilities immediately.
Finally, I want to emphasize again that CTSAMVM is
independent, impartial and neutral. Our cooperation with the
Parties and contributions from the International Community
enable CTSAMVM to fulfil its mission without leading to
bias against any party or any of CTSAMVM’s partners.

Thanks you

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