Speech of Mr, Yohannes Teclemicael , Ambassador of Eritrea to South Sudan

H.E General Taaban Deng Gai, First vice President of the Republic of South Sudan

Respected senior officials of the Republic of South Sudan.

Respected diplomats and representatives of International Community

Respected Eritreans in the Republic of South Sudan

Respected guest of Ethiopian community

Respected Guests

Needless is to remind this holyday we are celebrating today is the first since the signing of the peace and friendship declaration that was reached in Asmara on the 9th of July 2018 and which ushered an era of peace and Integration for the entire region in general and for the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia in particular. Allow me to congratulate you on this blessed holyday.
Honored guests
The unjust and unfair sanction that was imposed on Eritrea since 9 years was annulled and removed by the total consensus of the Security Council members a month back. This in return proves the fact that justice is undefeatable. It Is thanks to the quality of resilience and the culture of patience and tolerance of the Eritrean people and government that Eritrea ended up victorious.
Esteemed Guests
South Sudan which has gained its independence in 2011 was regrettably forced into a civil war in December 2013, resulting in thousands of casualties, local displacement and asylum seeking in neibouring countries. This crisis of our South Sudanese brothers not only affected South Sudan but also negatively affected the entire region. However, The Revitalized Peace Agreement signed between the government of the Republic of South Sudan and opposition forces has brought the five years civil war to an end. Thus, this incident not only considered an achievement of South Sudan but also an event positively contributing to the entire region. It also proved to be a factor which accelerates the Eritrean Ethiopian Peace, pushing it forward. I am honored to pass my heartfelt congratulation to the people and leadership of South Sudan for this achieved victory. It is on this occasion that we, as Eritrean government and people, assure our commitment to stand beside and support the people and government of South Sudan,

Respected Guests
This date is celebrated under the theme “Victory to sustainable peace and partnership in East Africa” in indication to the hopeful and prosperous era we have stepped into after the malicious aggression the Eritrean people have faced and the sacrifices they have made. In the past 80 years, our region has become, due to the foreign intervention, a victim of wars, immigration and displacement. Now that chapter has been closed and we are heading into a new more promising future. I believe it is an obligation for the entire region to support and exploit this hopeful circumstances, while the two brotherly peoples who are taking initiative to compensate opportunities elapsed during the past 20 years are more importantly requested to maintain and exploit it.
Honored guests
Strengthening their unity, Eritreans residing in the Republic of South Sudan have been fulfilling their duties thus contributing to the national development programs. The festival we are celebrating now is tangible evidence consolidating this truth.
The fact that maintaining our unity and promoting our popular participation is preconditional to national development programs is undoubtable. The peaceful rally, supporting peace and friendship declaration signed between the two countries and which was jointly organized by the Eritrean and Ethiopian communities in South Sudan is an indication substantiating this truth.
Esteemed Guests
I would like on behalf of the Embassy of State of Eritrea to thank the Eritrean community members who morally and financially contributed to the organization of this ceremony, similarly high appreciation is awarded to the organizing committee for the endeavors they made in order to make the event this colorful.
As I would like to thank all governmental offices of the republic of South Sudan, Eritrean Ministry of Information and Eritrean Cultural affairs for the assistance they have provided.

“Victory to the sustainable peace and partnership in East Africa”
Victory to the Mass!!


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