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 As a way to end the 2018 year Liberia team to the sixth edition of the world best children s ocial Program Football for Friendship headed by Prince Scott who is also the the chief executive officer of Slum Soccer together with young Journalist Zita Khroma and Young Player Sao Jackson has on the 31st of December Donated food items and non food items to the WiDOP children orphanage in the remote town of Magibi in the western part of the country
The items included 4 bags of 25kilo rice, 5 5litres of vegetable cooking oil, 1 5 gallons of cooking red oil, 2 cartoons of bathing soap,1 cartoon of vitamin C tablet, 2 cartoons of oral rehydration salt, and a cash of 300$ was given to the head of the home for the use of the children.
According to Prince Scott F4F has given 2 Liberian kids the opportunity to play football with other kids from different parts of the world, noting F4F is a non political organization that promote children affairs in respect of religion, colour, race, region, or tribe.
According to him this is a way to promote of of the F4F values of EQUALITY, Despite we are all faced with some challenges but we are all equal he told the kids. Don’t stop dreaming big you can achieve your dreams with determination he said.
Football for Friendship has helped a lot since last year and I am here to spend and talk some of the goodies learnt from the F4F program.
We are going to helped in whatever way we can help to promote you guys as equality is what bring me here.
However Zita khroma Liberia young journalist brief the kids about her outing to Moscow telling them how that has helped her since she returned, I want to see one day one of you will sit in a plane and travel to one F4F program, F4F has helped me realized my dreams I never thought I will sit in a plane or watch a live match in a big stadium but thanks to uncle Prince who selected our Academy to take part in the sixth edition in Moscow. Don’t give up on yourself just keep your dream alive she told them.
Sao Jackson young player to Gazprom/ F4F said he was glad to play with different young players from other countries, we played in a stadium with lots of facilities I enjoyed every moment and I am happy to know uncle Prince who gave me the opportunity.
Meanwhile receiving the items the head of the home John Chea said since the orphanage has been in existence this is the first gesture we have received so far, we want to tell you that we are greatful for such donations.
This is a typical example to show someone with a kind heart he is from our neighbouring Sierra Leone but all his projects and donations are done in Liberia, I first know him in 2016 when he organized the slum soccer challenge all over Monrovia John Chea said.
I am hoping that this F4F and Gazprom move to the highest height so he can help and give more Liberian kids that opportunity of Hope.
Meanwhile Prince Scott has also enrolled 10 Kids age 12-16 to the media center in Liberia to enrol in a six months Journalism class that will only be on the weekends friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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