Myanmar Gives Message to International Youth for Peacebuilding Talk Concert as Cultural Exchange between Myanmar and South Korea to Seek Construction of a Peaceful World

Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN) has emphasized the need for cultural exchanges between ASEAN members and Korea since 2017 when the “ASEAN-ROK Cultural Exchange Year” was designated in celebration of its 50th anniversary. The partnership between South Korea and the countries of the ASEAN including Myanmar, Indonesia, and the Philippines has been developed in various fields such as economy, politics, and culture. In particular, Myanmar has been building the cooperative relationship with South Korea as the two countries share a lot in common including emphasis on tradition, courtesy, and affection (‘Ttanyosen’ in Burmese and ‘Jeong’ in Korean language).

H.E. Naing Ngun Lin, the Minister of Social Affairs of Yangon Region Government, celebrated the event through the letter. “You, the next generation, are essential to the establishment of lasting peace and security. I believe that it is the youth who get actively involved in peace-making activities today that will be future leaders of the world tomorrow. The long term sustainability of peace for Myanmar and for Korea, therefore, rests squarely on the shoulders of the next generation of leaders.”

Regarding the question about how to achieve peace, H.E. Thura Thet Oo Maung, Ambassador of Myanmar answered, “We have to understand each other to maintain the balance. And when you become the leader, you should educate your child with the peace education since they are very young. As you live in peaceful community owe to your previous generations, your parents, you must pass the peaceful world down to the next generations.”

Mr. Jin-Young Kim, a university student attending the event, said, “I think it is important to understand each other first to achieve a peaceful world without war. In that respect, through lectures on various cultural exchanges such as today’s lecture on Myanmar culture, I would like to have all the families of the world become together as one.”

The guests who are participated in ‘1st One Peace Seminar with Ambassadors to South Korea’ is taking commemorative photographs

 In this occasion, there were a concert performance by the Korean instrument orchestra performing songs for a culture of peace and a photo exhibition introducing the culture of Myanmar as well as the peace activities of the IPYG youth around the world. The IPYG is working in cooperation with about 4.6 million young people around the world to promote a culture of peace, to implement peace education, and to establish an international law for peace.


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