SPLA IO free over 200 child soldiers from the army in Pibor


on May 17,2018, the leadership of Sudan people liberation army in opposition(SPLA-IO ) has officially released over 200 child Soldiers from the army in Pibor, South of Boma state. The purpose of this press statement is to strongly informed the public and international community that the SPLA- IO is respecting the South Sudan’s law ” child act” and we abide by it at all levels.

These children were not forcefully conscripted into army but joined the army voluntarily inorder to protect themselves during the conflict in the country.
We in the SPLA IO army would once again like to express both our gratitude to UNMISS and UNICEF for responding and supporting the needs of these children.
SPLA – IO will Continue to comply with the International Humanitarian Law(IHL), it’s protocols seeking to ensure that people do not go missing,and restoration of family links during the conflict.
Finally we call on the UN children’s agency, UNICEF and international Red Cross to Carry out quick survey across divisions, brigades , battalions, companies and platoons levels at all war fronts to identify,demobilize children who may have been involved in the conflict across the country and reunite them with their families.
Col. Dickson Gatluak Jock
SPLA-IO spokesman
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