SPLA to create static centers for HIV/AIDS across the County says Col .Wau military hospital assessment to start ART services by Year 2018

By Charles Lonuha , Photo by Mabor

Wau military hospital assessment to start ART services by Year 2018.

Torit- state minister of health Paska Hifitia calls the Authority of SPLA to speech up with static centers to rescues life of individuals across the country.

Speaking during one day high level advocacy training for parliamentarian and other top Leadership at Hotel Torit of Imotong state, training support by both national, state ministry and national HIV/AIDs commission in collaboration develop partners.

According to Minister Paska Hifitia the objective of training to sensitize leadership on the current HIV/AIDs situation in South Sudan and related challenges facing the response.

Mobilize support by drawing key recommendation on the role of legislature’s leadership in strengthening the national AIDs response in South Sudan, she adds.

Director for (SPLA) HIV/AIDS Secretariat Juba-South Sudan Col. Yohana Mabor Deng said SPLA to create static centers for HIV/AIDS in five regions include Wau, Maridi, Juba, Torit and Renk static centers respectively.

He adds that South Sudan total number of People living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) is estimated at 200,000, new infection: 13,540 annually and aproximately 12,128 people died of AIDS in 2016.

According to the South Sudan MOT Col. Yohanna 2014, the uniformed forces, of which the SSPDF is the majority, contributes to 34.6% of new infections in the country.

He express that, Some of negative cultural practices (wife inheritance), Lack of incorrect use of condom and misconceptions, Long deployment over 3+ years, and rapid redeployment of forces, stigma and discrimination etc.

According to Col the cumulative communities based and yield by sites such as new site one 90%, new site two 39%, Mangalla 15, new Bongo 21%, Jebel Lado 11%, Aweil 41%, Rumbek 52% and Maridi 91% and Torit out of it.

Col. Mabor outlines some of challenges in Countrywide due to dispersed target population with poor transport infrastructure amidst constrained human and financial resources limit program coverage.

He also contribute lack of comprehensive, force-wide, baseline sero-behavioural surveillance data to inform programming

In 2017 4,434 clients tested on the first operating of ART facility at Military Hospital has currently, 1,286 are enrolled into care.

According to Dr. Kandyang Modi from National Ministry of health 45, 000 estimates annual across the country, 20,000 under care 13,000 newly affected yearly and 12, 000 die yearly.

He adds that former Eastern Equatoria state is 3% second to Western Equatoria state position number 1st with 6.8% people living with HIV/AIDS.

High level advocacy workshop at Hotel Torit for parliamentarian and other leadership on addressing impact and barriers on HIV/AIDs was training under the theme: right to health

The training was attended by executive, Legislature, cabinet, senior government officials from various ministries, Counties commissioners, and executive directors and among others.





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